Week 3 (6-12 May)

The review of the third week of our work has been delayed because of technical and logistic problems, but finally we are back. We started to explore a sloping corridor that leads to the final resting place of the owner of the tomb situated below that of general Ikhi:

Week 2 (29th April – 5th May)

Left to right: Kamil Kuraszkiewicz (director of the mission), Tamer Ragab (inspector of antiquities) and Karol Myśliwiec (director of the mission until 2016).





Beata Błaszczuk prepares for documenting a burial; behind her, workers awaiting baskets filled with sand to be carried away.





One of the false doors in the tomb of Temi. Conservator Iwona Ciszewska applying treatment to preserve the wall decoration.






Małgorzata Radomska, assisted by a local worker, setting up a surveying equipment.





The mission’s photographer, Jarosław Dąbrowski, conducting photographic documentation of the tomb of the vizier Merefnebef.






Our work takes place in various conditions. Archaeologist, Agnieszka Kowalska, inside a rock-hewn tomb.





Trainee inspectors, Amira Hamdi and Galal Fathi, discussing documentation techniques with Agnieszka Kowalska.






Week 1 (21st-28th April)

Thursday is a payday. The workers awaiting their weekly wages.







The prep work over; time to get down to fieldwork.







Setting up a tent which will serve us as an office and a shelter against a scorching sun.







Meeting the workers, some of whom have worked with the team for nearly twenty years.






Shifting sands of Saqqara took over during our two-year absence. We start off with clearing the sand from the excavation area.






Loading the mission equipment and belongings on a move from the Cairo base to Saqqara.







(20th April 2017) Finalising paperwork in Cairo before our move to Saqqara.






Visit of the Rector of UW

(3rd March 2017) When visiting Egypt, the Rector of the University of Warsaw, Prof. Marcin Pałys came to see our site. We hope that his visit will herald a good excavation season.





We are also proud that our books were part of the book donation to the Library of Alexandria.